This is my second photoblog with the first being hosted by blogger.com. It was difficult for a tech idiot like me to even set up a minimalist and I had to rope in exposuredailies to give me extensive html tuition. Step by step, my buddy gave me instructions on the aliens such as SQL databases and went over in details as I finally subscribed to a host. Obviously that was not enough and I ended up modifying his template to get to the present state. Kudos to him for this website!

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I am a Christian, currently worshipping in Assembly of Christians down at Yio Chu Kang Rd. Some know me as jcyrhs, some renahyi, some Jeff but most call me Yiren and incidentally, that is what I am most comfortable with. Photography and I never had a relationship until the day exposuredailies stepped into my life. It was during the army days, when I was still a nerdy clerk in the ministry of defence, that I even picked up the interest. During his free time, exposuredailies would sit by the computer and surf the web for interesting photos (not the dirty sort). Curiosity got the better of me and I started enquiring on his hobby.

Eventually, just like the way he helped me set up this website, exposuredailies opened the door of photography for me and I never returned since then. I first got acquainted with dark side of photography when I laid hands on the Nikon Coolpix 4500. It was a great camera and really versatile too. The macro works from this compact camera easily rivals those works of a DSLR and I believed with a couple of extension tubes or closeup filters, it would have been even better.

Progression seems like the way of life and within half a year, the darkness caught up with me again. It was a day at work in the office and the contemplating urge of upgrading the camera took over me. As if I was in a trance, I dashed out of the office, grabbing exposuredailies by the collar and headed straight to the camera shop during lunchtime. There, I stunned the shop owner by purchasing my D70 kit in cash. Stacks of fifty dollar blues were all over the place and I left the shop a proud convert.

Chromasia and many of his inspired other peers, my earlier works even when my photos did not bear their signature "wow" factor. I was overwhelmed by the saturated colours and extensive photoshopping that I did not bother with the fundamentals. Most common folks believe and worship photoshop as the ultimate tool of photography, that it can fix anything from colours to perspective to composition to balance, and the list goes on. I was too once one of them but I beg to differ now. It is always best to get it right the first time then end up spending hours in front of the computer.

Photography has then evolved into a way for me to express a certain feeling, a channel for me to manifest the way I see things around me. I am still an amateur learning the ropes to the basic and I feel blessed to see that I have many flaws in my photos. There is so much room for improvement and it motivates me to continue down this path.

Other Exhibitionists

There are many photoblogs which i frequent daily and from where i learnt the basics of photography. These people provide inspirations and motivation for me to continue shooting and perhaps try to integrate fine art into every aspects of image capturing. In order to encourage local photographers, i've alloacated the first few slots to the excellent photographers that i know...